| Why is it necessary to eat both fruits and vegetables
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Why is it necessary to eat both fruits and vegetables

Why is it necessary to eat both fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain natural plant compounds that keep the body healthy, and it’s best to include different types of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

If you are not a big fan of vegetables, you will think that you can make up for it by eating lots of fruit. It is clear why you would think that – we always mention them together, and since both are herbal origins and belong to healthy foods, we are inclined to assume that they can mutually be replaced as to the nutrients they contain.

That’s a bit true. Vitamin C is found in berries and broccoli, and potassium has both beetroot and banana. However, in fruits and vegetables there are also a large number of (different) phytonutrients – natural plant compounds that play a role in physical health. If we eat both fruits and vegetables, it is more likely that we will bring in many different phytonutrients.

Fitonut plants give taste and color to fruits and vegetables. When we see how many different colors and flavors exist between fruits and vegetables, it becomes clear that they are not as similar as we think, and that they are not exclusively a source of vitamins and minerals.

Thus, berries and broccoli look similar when we take into account the content of vitamin C, but with regard to phytonutrients, they are very different. The bobits are reddish-purple because they contain anthocyanins – which have more in fruit than in vegetables. On the other hand, isotiocyanates are the reason for the strong smell of broccoli, cabbage and kale. These phytonutrients are not in the fruit.

Many people find that when we eat fruit or vegetables, it’s the same as eating both. From previous examples, it is clear that only a varied diet takes the largest possible number of nutrients.

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