| Prepare for the summer with proper nutrition
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Prepare for the summer with proper nutrition

Prepare for the summer with proper nutrition

The solution is as follows: the safest and the most potent goal you can set yourself up for weight reduction is half a kilogram to one kilogram a week. To lose half a kilogram a week, it is necessary to reduce your daily intake of 500 calories. Half a kilogram of body fat contains 3500 calories. Therefore, if you consume 500 stored calories each day, at the end of the week you will lose those half a kilo of deposits. People with more weight can supplement the amount of calories by adding 750 to 1,000 calories a day, and thus lose weight faster.

Are you ready?

The best way to reduce calories is to combine a child and exercise. There are justified reasons why you should apply both. Namely, in people who do not normally have the need for a large amount of calories, it may not be possible to reduce the daily amount by 500 calories, without that being too much (1200 total calories per day is minimum). If you are injecting an insufficient amount of calories, you may also miss nutrients – and you will not have enough energy to exercise. When you choose an approach that involves just exercise, keep in mind that it takes a lot of activities to burn 500 calories – say an hour of continuous swimming.

Try to keep the food you eat full of nutrients, which does not mean that it must be caloric. At the top of the list is vegetables, then foods that contain proteins and are not greasy (fish and oysters, poultry, egg whites, milk products, protein powder), fruit and integral cereals.

In the first week, two eat smaller integral cereals than usual, to successfully start a diet. Do not completely eject them from the diet, just limit yourself to one or two portions a day, and thus save your calories. As long as you eat enough vegetables and fruits, you will get enough carbohydrates to serve as a fuel for exercise.

The most important thing is to control the amount of calories, but this is not always easy. In such cases, there is a big help for meal replacement – then we no longer have to guess, but we know exactly how many calories there are in them. Drink protein shake with milk and fruit twice a day, as a substitute for two meals, and the third meal consists of vegetables and protein.

Let your snout be modest, but rich in protein (a protein stick or a small glass of yogurt), so you will be able to count the daily amount of calories with greater certainty.

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