| Information and Tips for Spring Running
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Information and Tips for Spring Running

Information and Tips for Spring Running

Calendar, spring officially arrived. If you look through the window you would not say so, but hold on for a few more cool days and then – a race! Whether you are a beginner or a beginner, your spring is the ideal time to start.

Cold, dark days, replaces the beautiful weather, the Sun, the nature that flashes around us. So, get out of the gym and breathe fresh air. Nature is waking, and we all wake up!

In this regard, here are some tips on how to adapt to running as soon as possible:

Gradually accustomed
You get used to running on the treadmill and you may experience a mild discomfort while running on another surface – whether it’s concrete, tartan or grass. Take it easy, make sure you do not get stuck somewhere and enjoy every piston step.

Layered clothing
Spring is also known as the seasons, which is somewhat unpredictable. Namely, the sun and the sun change, there is the wind … In this regard, dress yourself layered. Over a short sleeve shirt you can wear a lightweight hoodie or long-sleeved shirt that you will then easily remove and tie around your waist when you warm up or when you get outdoors if you’re a ranger.

Running in the rain
Though it sounds silly, there are runners who enjoy running in the rain. What is important is that after training in the rain, you quickly dry out and drink warm tea. Also, the wet sneakers advice – put the folded newspaper in the sneakers and let it overnight. Newspapers will absorb all the moisture overnight and the next day you will be able to run back to running without any problems.

Set realistic goals
If you have just activated now, check out which races are taking place in the fall (see our race calendar) and set your goal whether it’s a semi-marathon or marathon distance. Choose one of our plans here, adhere to them and believe in your success.

If there is a slight fluctuation and hysteresis of movement to training, remember that this is just the current phase, and how much of it is good for your physical activity.

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