| How to comply with New Year’s Decisions throughout the year?
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How to comply with New Year’s Decisions throughout the year?

How to comply with New Year’s Decisions throughout the year?

Every progress is good

Maybe you have not practiced how much you have planned or what you intended, but if you still adhere to the decision more than last year, it may be because you managed to get rid of a few bad habits. And that’s great – because small changes in the way of life every day can really be of significance. You can continue to realize these little successes in the new year.

Do not make too many decisions at the same time

It’s nice to be ambitious, but if you make too many changes at the same time, you might experience failure. Making decisions is easy; but keeping them difficult is because you have to change the way of life. It takes time to change a bad habit, and for this reason repetition is very important. However, it is much easier to repeat a small, relatively simple task than an enormous one. In the meantime, you have to understand what hinders your progress and how to overcome these obstacles.

For example, you do not use a toothpaste as often as you should. What hinders you? What steps can you take to ensure that you use it regularly? Time is not a problem; it only takes a few minutes. First, you must ensure that you have a thread in the house. Then, you must ensure that your thread is in sight when washing your teeth. And finally, you need a mirror to see what you are doing.

You may prefer to make the decision to have your own “dental care set” rather than place the dental thread in a medicine cabinet where it will be lost among many other semi-used cosmetic products. Your tooth care kit can contain a toothbrush, a paste, a thread and a mirror. When you have everything in a convenient place, it is more likely that every time you remove your set, you will not only wash your teeth, but you will clean them with the end.

Remove obstacles from the road

The same applies to eating habits. You need to understand why you are not doing what you have planned and how you can make it simpler. It’s easy to say that you will start to bring more fruits and vegetables, but it’s hard to do if you do not have them at home. But that’s not all. When you buy them, you need to simplify the use. For this reason, you may decide to make a small amount of fruit in the fridge that you will add to a protein shake or a fruit basket to keep on the kitchen element to remind that the fruit is a great snack. You can also hold vegetables at hand in the freezer where you will see it every time you open the freezer when you want to eat.

Make sure that whatever changes you want to make are those that you know can be made. If you have never taken a lunch to work, it’s hard to start doing it every day right away. For this reason, set reasonable goals and be clear. No, “I’ll rather carry lunch to work,” than “I’ll be taking lunch to work twice a day.” In this way, you will be able to easily determine at the end of the week if you have achieved the goal or not.

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